i realised that a lot of people don’t actually know how to communicate with me if i am non-speaking, so i’m writing this handy guide for communicating with me if i am non-speaking.

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i’m having a lot of difficulty at the moment coping with my emotions. i tend to ignore my emotional state to the point until i get overwhelmed and shutdown (or meltdown). this isn’t healthy for me, but i don’t yet have healthy ways of dealing with intense emotions, and there are a lot of those […]

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I first heard the term “passing” when I discovered other trans people. In the trans community, passing means being seen as the gender you identify as. However, the idea of passing implies that being seen as cisgender (rather than transgender) is the goal for all trans people. Unfortunately, this enforces cis-normativity and continues to alienate […]

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i like routines. they make me feel safe in a world that is usually confusing and confronting. i have a lot of routines and sometimes they involve the behaviour of other people, which are the trickiest routines because i can’t control what others do. this also means i like to do the same thing over […]

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when asked a question that involves social imagination, i imagine so many possibilities that it’s like my brain short-circuits, and i can’t verbalise any of them.

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i suck at sleeping. i sleep a lot, but i’m always tired. i go to sleep late and wake up late. but sometimes my medications make me tired and i need to go to sleep early. i’m sick of being constantly tired. and when i do manage to eventually get to sleep, it’s almost guaranteed […]

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