i realised that a lot of people don’t actually know how to communicate with me if i am non-speaking, so i’m writing this handy guide for communicating with me if i am non-speaking.

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i suck at sleeping. i sleep a lot, but i’m always tired. i go to sleep late and wake up late. but sometimes my medications make me tired and i need to go to sleep early. i’m sick of being constantly tired. and when i do manage to eventually get to sleep, it’s almost guaranteed […]

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i’m often trapped in my own head, not able to focus on the present moment and what i should be doing.

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don’t tell me

don’t tell me i’m not autistic. just because i don’t act like your three year old cousin, doesn’t mean that i can’t also be autistic. don’t tell me that i don’t look autistic. i look autistic because i am autistic. it’s not a compliment, it just reminds me of the work that i’m constantly doing […]

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i wish the world was understanding and accepting of autistic behaviours so that i could feel comfortable expressing myself in the ways that come naturally to me. a lot of my issues surrounding being autistic are not the actual impairments that come with my autism, but the responses to my “unusual” behaviour from the people […]

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by turning the feelings inwards, while i do stop the outward display of a meltdown, it’s not good for my mental health.

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